Suggestion: Adding a Jolly Roger

I’m sure that there are several people whose characters are pretty much pirates who smuggle with illegal stuff and spend pretty much more time in Gaider’s Mourn than in Fallen London. Why isn’t there a Jolly Roger?

It could be an item like a Strange Catch, a item that could be used inside or outside of combat. It’s effects would be not being attacked by pirates unless provoked, being attacked by friendly ships, raising suspicion by one both in London and the Khanate and gaining a few discounts the ports of Gaider’s Mourn and Khan’s Shadow. Also, if you somehow forget to take it off before docking in London you would also have to endure a very difficult Iron test, because duh the constables would be pretty pissed at any pirate captain that lands on their docks.

The Jolly Roger itself would have to be gained via quest ( being a street urchin would help with the first steps ), after you manage to get it you would have to choose what to draw in there:

  • The Reaper: A skull crossed by two cannons. Increases Iron[/li][li]The Broken Heart: A red Heart fragmented in several pieces. Increases Hearts[/li][li]The Stars: A small cluster of white stars. Increases Mirrors[/li][li]The Void: A completely black flag. Increases Veils[/li][li]The Legacy: A black flag with the names of all the vessels that your ship has defeated so far. Increases Pages.

A couple of weeks after having your first flag you could get the chance of crafting another one, you can’t use more than one simultaneously but you can switch to have a different bonus. After having the five flags you can fuse them to a single unified flag: upgrade by using Parabola-Linen and other more exotic materials to further increase its power.

  • Pirate Heirloom: Gives a small bonus to all, less bonus than individually.

Once you manage to get the Pirate Heirloom you might get the chance of getting upgraded flags, those require way more exotic and hard to get materials but by the time you are given the chance you should have a decent ship able to endure the task.

[ul][li]Mortis Incarnate: A flag with souls imbued within, its painted skull moves its maw and looks around. Increases Iron a lot.[/li][li]The Ended Love: A flag with a blood dripping heart. It has been made with the real blood of your crew and yourself while thinking on all the lost friends, family and lovers. Increases Hearts a lot.[/li][li]Our judgement: A shiny depiction of our sun above…no really, it somehow emits a warm and bright light. Increases Mirrors a lot.[/li][li]Infinite Darkness: An impossibly black flag that somehow absorbs light around it while whispering secrets in a strange language. From time to time a tentacle pokes out of it, Increases Veils a lot.[/li][li]Word of God: A black flag with burning scripture sigils on it. Looking directly at it is forbidden. Increases Pages.[/li][/ul]And again, once you have all the flags you can fuse them to create the &quotTapestry of the Unknown&quot which would be like &quotThe zong of the Zee&quot and give you bonuses to all and also declare you a pirate lord.
edited by Captain Maddhart II on 12/19/2016

Capital, Maddhart.
While I do like the idea of being able to side with Pirates, I think a more tame shift would be adding a shipyard to Gaider’s Mourn where you can purchase a pirate cutter or frigate.

Either way, some things that should definetly be added with the addition of piracy:
-Boarding actions. I was thinking something along the line of the Avaricious Lorn-Fluke battle, where factors you have like Crew, Iron, Hearts, and the posession of items like WE ARE CLAY or Clay Men, Marked for London will contribute to exterminating enemy crew. This ties in to:
-Making Another Day, a Pirate’s Pleasure more easily obtainable and more rewarding. The ability to assault merchant ships is already present but not very rewarding and corollary not worth doing.
-More prime use of items like Hidden Compartments, for obvious reasons.
-The ability to ram. This doesn’t have to do with anything whatsoever, I just want to be able to tap that F and then ram my ship straight trough some jerks.
edited by Infinity Simulacrum on 12/20/2016