Suggestion: Add notes to the map

It would be nice if you could add notes/locations to the map. For stuff like ‘Beware, Monsters!’ or mundane stuff like ‘Fuel cheap’ or ‘Don’t forget to bring item x for quest’.

What do you think?

It would be nice I suppose, but stuff like quest information is usually recorded in your journal automatically.

It’s all part of the learning curve. After a while, you know where the cheapest fuel is… where to trade your wine… and how best to maximize trade so you can focus on storyline

I keep a text doc open anyway with this kind of thing. I would prefer to keep as much in game as I could. The journal is awkward to navigate and doesn’t include a lot of info.

I do exactly the same ! I actually just registered and wanted to open a thread suggesting the same thing as OP. I have a really bad memory, so I can’t just remember stuff like &quotBring candles to hunter’s keep for officer’s quest&quot, and this isn’t even noted in the journal. So I end up playing on windowed instead of fullscreen, and the 2nd monitor with notepad.

Would’ve been lovely to write these stuff down on the map, or have a &quotpersonal&quot section of the Gazetteer to write notes.
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Being able to plot some sort of course on the map would also be really handy. Often I find myself forgetting exactly what route I embarked on in the last play session.

Forgive me for sounding incredibly old-fashioned, but is it really such an impossibility these days to note things down on small pieces of paper? With a, you know, pen? ;)

Sure, but it breaks immersion nearly as much as the text doc. And I lose the notebook every time I visit the Nadir.

I’d like a note text as well. It would be easier to note on a map, which already has context, rather than have to write down not only your note, but also the location, and work out where it is and what you might swing by on the way there.

I would love that! Same thing here, I have to take notes aside, which is inconvenient and breaks the immersion. Plus, notes on the map would be really handy (and that’s how I’d do in real life).
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