Suggest Contact button

Does the Suggest Contact button give you a random player, or an active player? I think that if a player hasn’t logged on in a few months, they shouldn’t show up on the Suggest Contact button.

I don’t have a lot of contacts, and I’m looking for active players to interact with.

Before FL’s recent redesign, it specifically said something along the lines of &quotthis will suggest a random player who was recently active&quot. It no longer says this, but I don’t think the mechanics were changed.
edited by phryne on 12/28/2018

You’ll also find plenty of people here to interact with. Many people outline in their signatures what sort of social interactions they are interested in; you can always approach a person or two cold turkey. We’re usually a friendly crowd.

Thank you all!

And indeed, Hallowmass has brought several new acquaintances, as it usually does!