Suddenly Fallen London is not fun anymore.

“In saving me, Urchins had damned me.”

in my utmost humble opinion, you are most deranged, sir! but i admire your ermmm… passion for the eaten one?

[quote=&quotMany&quot Chin]&quotIn saving me, Urchins had damned me.&quot

in my utmost humble opinion, you are most deranged, sir! but i admire your ermmm… passion for the eaten one?[/quote]

I could not ask for a finer compliment, Sai Chin. However I feel that in my sprawling, misspelled, grammatical error riddled, diatribe, my purpose may have been lost… I simply wanted to express to Voiceless Soh that even the most terrible of circumstances can be folded into one’s story. How entertaining can a story be without some conflict? Some &quotpain&quot or &quotloss&quot? A characters life that is nothing but joy and sunshine and &quoteverything working out just fine&quot are boring… even children’s book writers apply some pressure to their character(s).

Its to bad that we may have lost Voiceless. The loss of a story is always lamentable. I hope they come back though.

I just want to add that it had been a character trait of my character that he always intended to return to the Surface, enough of this Neath nonsense.

And then one day, he admitted to a spider council that he knew the Correspondence. Boom, On a Boat.

That’s the only time Trodgmey has ever died in the game, but it does mean I’ll eventually have to get to Hesperidian Cider. On the flip side, dying your first time gives you the painful achievement of “Free of Surface Ties.” This opens up the ability to converse and become friends with four of the best characters in the entire Neath, I believe.

But the anger at losing the Surface has also driven my character to new heights. Trodgmey scorns Hell at every opportunity, tosses devils about for fun, and above all, constantly works against the Masters at any opportunity. (No, the Liberation of Night is not a good idea. But the Masters are worse.)

Ha! Did you overhear me say that? That was just a line I’m rehearsing from a play at Mahogany Hall! I play the part of the worst fool in London – no sane person could actually wish the Masters ill! That is in fact the very opinion I mean to parody in my show, you must come see it, you must…

I’m pretty sure free of surface ties is jsut from dealing with the people that followed you into the neath and has nothing to do with dying.

Also going by sunless sea you don’t have to die to be unable to return to the surface, just being in the neath for a long enough time can result in sudden sunlight death.

Which arises the question… just how subtle is death in the Neath? Snippets say that one can still die of old age and sickness, but look at some of the Tomb-Colonists, some are little more than bones (some even less so it seems). Perhaps a cough is more serious than it seems. A little blood here, a little chunk of some unidentifiable organ there… this also arise the nature of pain in the Neath. I remember a story where, in Watchmackers I believe, one could have them selves dissected alive, could even ASSIST in the presentation.
Anyway… the Spider-Council got me the first time too…
&quotPardon good Sir! But if you leave me be (and stop caving in my many heads) I can give you the secrets to the Correspondence&quot, said the Spider-Council.
&quotReally?&quot, I said, my club raised high. My boot firmly lodged in one of its eyes.
&quotYes… come and I will whisper it in your ear&quot.
Buh Dun Duh
At least I didn’t have to fight my way through the army of &quotlesser&quot spiders twice.


Having fallen afoul of her gaze at various stations throughout my life - although not, as yet, in the underland - I have come to consider Miss Clicks as an ill-favoured niece of The Lady Fortuna. Improper haste and, perhaps, a failure to properly attend to the matter in hand are the means by which she can founder even the greatest of enterprises. I am most sympathetic towards the plight of Voiceless but as in the proverbial vernacular of our trans-Atlantic cousins, &quotthem’s the breaks&quot. It is during times like this when the mettle of even the most equitable of Gentlemen is properly tested.

That’s exactly how I came upon my first and only death to date, and yes, it made me sad for a while.

Technically you die when you reach 3 wounds. If you went up to the surface, you’d die because of that.

Wrong game, wrong forum?

Right–maybe your wounds were near-fatal, but still something you could survive on the surface, and someone managed to patch you up and nurse you back to health while you were only on death’s door.

You know, technically you don’t have to die to get stuck down here. Time can do it, too. It’s mainly mentioned in Sunless Sea where zailors find that after enough -time- in the neath, you’re in sever danger on the Surface.

What I’m saying is you might have been boned anyway. I guess it’s not as comforting as I intended!

EDIT Oh geez, I didn’t even see that, I just saw it in the Unread Topics thing. vvvv
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Maybe those wounds weren’t really fatal… or maybe the thread is close to two years old and the OP is unlikely to see further suggestions.

It’s why, in Sunless Sea, you die upon reaching 3 wounds. Only in London, and possibly other places with civilization, such as the Khanate, you can live till 7 wounds, and recover. And information, how matter trivial, is still information.

Why does this keep coming back?

Because they let you out of the Royal Beth once the nightmares have dropped. Only explanation I can give.