Suddenly Fallen London is not fun anymore.

I took a great care to avoid death (aka Wounds 8) situation all times I’ve played, and thus never once died.
Today it took just one misclick on some stupid trirema card and I got wounds 8 situation out of sudden. And trirema was supposed not to be even real trirema but some kind of a dream, afair.
And as I stared on those boatman cards I realized that my character now is worthless to me because all I wanted, the bare minimum, was to have a RP-choice (even if it didn’t actually existed in-game and only in my head) to go back to Surface.
And now Fallen London (and the whole Neath with it) is a prison and being in it is a torture.
I put too much money in this character and too tired to run again through all grinding to get back to point I am now.
Just one stupid option on one stupid card robbed me of all joy of playing Fallen London. I don’t care anymore about stories, about secrets, about mysteries, about anything it can offer.

Maybe there should be a warning on that card, for future.

Perhaps you could try to see it with the mentality that you are trying to play with. Exercise a measure of role playing and interest in mysteries and you can still enjoy Fallen London as you did before. You say there was a careless click made without knowing the full consequences which has doomed you to the quasi-life of the Neath? Fine, there are rumours that Hesperian Cider will restore your life to you, and allow escape. You are now exploring the stories that lay beyond the shroud of death and all the secrets that the “dead” of London have to impart. Instead of seeing this as a dead-end or a waste of your time and money, see it as an opportunity for your alter-ego to grow in ways you had not previously expected. You may find that an unscripted life can bring greater rewards when your goals are finally achieved.

All kinds of things can increase wounds - it was almost inevitable. However, there is a RP way to return to the surface: Hesperidean Cider.
Perhaps you could RP that as a solution?

Edit: Ha. Salvation - great minds. ;-)
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Thank you for your kind words. But I’m afraid Hesperidean Cider isn’t a valuable option. It takes almost 4 years in real time to grind amount of echos required even on Exceptional Friend, and even if I will be able to shave a month or two by selling secret of Nadir to factions I despise to maximize the profit, it is still a lot of time. And after 3-years grinding what would be the joy of playing anymore?
As far as I’m aware, there are no storylines that lead to acquisition of this item (this is why I no longer read Wikis) so RP-ing the search for it would be just fooling myself and building up an (in-character) depression as the goal will never be reached.

Fallen London is the first game that made me cry in a long, a very long time. I don’t know if it was an intended effect, but this is how things are.

If it really pains you that much why don’t you just leave using cards and pretend you never went there? Unless you play Chess with the Boatman there are no qualities that persist to remind you that you’ve died (unless that’s changed recently). I’ve accidentally become a Turncoat several times, but I just pretend that never happened because it was just a silly misclick. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to pretend it never happened, or pretend that it was just a dream of death.

I just can’t. It happened, and the past can’t be changed.

I didn’t came to rage, or to accuse, or to even expect that by some miracle that misclick would be undone. I only hope that maybe Mr. Kennedy considers to add a warning for certain cards such as that stupid trireme, so this sort of possible tragedy won’t be caused on anybody else who is aiming not to die.

You could submit Feedback. I know some people consider sending emails in to be too much of a hassle, but if you care that strongly about it then I’d say it’s worth it.

Also - there is a way to RP being able to return to the Surface in the future without needing to spend several years grinding for Hesperidean Cider. You just need to change your Destiny to one of the Mountain of Light destinies. As long as you aren’t destroying the mountain you’ll attain immortality, and thus be able to return to the Surface without ill effects.

Thank you, I will submit feedback.
As for Destiny, I didn’t know it could be changed, I thought as it set, it is set forever. I never saw an opportunity to change it.

You can change it by spending some Fate around Christmas and Halloween. It’s definitely not impossible, though you will have to wait a while.

Trirema card? What card is this?

It is a story initiated from inside the House of Chimes involving a Brass Trireme.

It is Fate-locked, and thus not much can be said about it here on the forums.

Another of the Destinies mentions another way to preserve life on the Surface - plus, of course, this whole matter of the Surface and death is largely hearsay. It might be that one can survive just fine on the Surface if one hasn’t been too badly mangled. Or, it may be that the sun would roast any of us like so many apples.

From what I know there is a way to perma-death the character in Fallen London and it is done by riding to Surface. I didn’t encounter this situation yet, but before my character died yesterday, I was wondering if programmers of FL did ever consider that not everybody visits the boatman.

As for destinies, I don’t know. I’d like to say ‘yes, sure, I’ll pay cash to disregard the Destiny I really like (Memory) to fix insta-death from dream card’ but right now it is too sad to even open the FL and go through this stupid boatman routine.

The SMEN permadeath situation occurs after you’ve stained your soul and have died rather messily multiple times. Considering you have died only once, you could still have a loophole, if you really wanted one.

I hope that in time you can enjoy this game again. I would hate for you to lose something that you were so invested in.
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[quote=dismallyOriented]The SMEN permadeath situation occurs after you’ve stained your soul and have died rather messily multiple times. Considering you have died only once, you could still have a loophole, if you really wanted one.

I hope that in time you can enjoy this game again. I would hate for you to lose something that you were so invested in.
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i concur. i’m not much of a &quotroleplayer&quot , at least not with your definition. you seem to think roleplaying means the story must go exactly as you want it to??? i don’t get it. in traditional PnP RPGs for example, the DM almost always tries his best to deter the heroes from their ambitions! should any self-respecting game/roleplayer ragequit and swear off a game everytime he loses or hits a bump in the road? that’s just childish and being a bad sport.

There’s no saying that the destiny you viewed is the one you’re guaranteed to have. Destinies can even just be portents of possible futures. You’ll notice that they don’t all align. There are also other ways to return to the surface unharmed hinted at in other destinies. The Boatman’s Promise, for one. Also, given the nature of the trireme and how you got there, who’s to say that was an actual death? Did you get any visible qualities that indicated it?

That’s a point! You dreamed you were on a boat. Then, you were on another boat. Then you woke up in your own bed. Assuming that was all a single dream is, frankly, more likely than the alternative.

A very good point. We should never forget the wisdom of two people who are dead:

Rosencrantz: Do you think Death could possibly be a boat?
Guildenstern: No, no, no… death is not. Death isn’t. Take my meaning? Death is the ultimate negative. Not-being. You can’t not be on a boat.
Rosencrantz: I’ve frequently not been on boats.
Guildenstern: No, no… what you’ve been is not on boats.

A very good point. We should never forget the wisdom of two people who are dead:

Rosencrantz: Do you think Death could possibly be a boat?
Guildenstern: No, no, no… death is not. Death isn’t. Take my meaning? Death is the ultimate negative. Not-being. You can’t not be on a boat.
Rosencrantz: I’ve frequently not been on boats.
Guildenstern: No, no… what you’ve been is not on boats.[/quote]
Life in a box (or in the Neath) is better than no life at all.

To you Voiceless Soh, I dare not claim to know your pain, but I find your grips petty.
Let me tell you a story.
Once, on a Hallows Eve long ago, a young Seeker had started on the path to Candles. The Seeker heard of the new ruins that where ready to be explored in the Forgotten Quarter; Life was well, mysteries where conquered, the Trials of Eaten proved no match for his tenacity. The Boat Man was a regular companion. Due to his hunters nature, he had procured a great wealth of Echos and a greater wealth of Coruscated Souls (I like to imagine that his lodgings where lit like the Sun, just by the shear numbers of these souls), his goal was nothing less than an Over-Goat. A few hundred more Echos and it would of been his, one of the grandest status symbols in all of London.
However… In his great pride and wanton hunger for answers, he attempted to enter the Forgotten Quarter. Every time he was repelled by Devils and he didn’t understand why. He was always just fast enough to escape, just Shadowy enough to hide and watch the pursuing Devils pass by. After many attempts to enter the Quarter, a thought that would change the course of his story forever began to fester in his mind…
He recalled a time when he was captured by Devils in the Quarter when he was a less important individual. He remembered how he had escaped and the Devils that had imprisoned, released, and pursued him simply let him go when he proved to be too elusive of prey. The Devils game over, they let him be. He thought, with grave implications, that this was simply the same sort of game.
So he lessened himself, and with a grin he feigned fear and allowed himself to be captured.
The Devils, in a rage he had not know possible, then upended him. The Devils ripped his flesh as easily as his cloths. Scourged his eyes from his sockets. Bellowed ancient words of madness and destruction into his mind, scaring him in ways that would never fully heal. As a Seeker, he was not unaccustomed to wounds that never fully healed, but when they are on the mind… its different. As they destroyed his body and mind as thoroughly as possible, the Devils raided his treasure… every single Echo he possessed was taken. Every single soul. Every once of Brass. All things touched by the Infernal where taken from him. All the while, the largest and most enraged of the Devils roared one word over and over and over again: &quotTRASH! TRASH!&quot.
In his last few moments of life, with his last shred of sanity, he remembered… a trade. His soul for a powerful weapon, possibly the most powerful in London (Ones that can be stolen don’t count). His dreadfully stained soul. That is the one thing he gained from his pain and loss. He got his soul back. I seems irrelevant to mention that the Devils also took the weapon (a weapon gotten with Fate, not much, but gotten with Fate none the less).

If you couldn’t tell by now, this character is mine. The whole story was barely more than a couple of sentences and it left me in poverty and increased my Wounds and Nightmares to such a degree that it took me TWO WEEKS to finally escape the Boat Man… only to revive into the Mirror-Marches, another TWO WEEK venture. I paid Fate for this to happen to me.

Only through constant encouragement from a good friend was I able to continue on in London… If such a thing could happen (EVEN TO A SEEKER!) then what else could London do to me? How much of what I had done mattered if so much could be so easily be taken away? It took time… but I realized that the only thing I had lost where items and time, one could be easily regained and one I have in abundance. I soldiered on.

New content came to light. New SMEN content. Wonderful options, that for a miniscule price, could drop my menaces and increase my connected to some factions. I will keep this story short as I have rambled enough and it is likely, you Voiceless Soh, have already moved on.

You speak of &quotmiss clicks&quot… there is/was an option on one of the SMEN cards, it would allow you to give a pittance to the less fortunate in a small attempt to atone for the horrible acts one commits as a Seeker. Then a NEW option was added, one that allowed one to free themselves of the Name… Miss click. A story I had been building since the beginning of my character was brought to an end. All my progress in Seeking Mr Eatens Name was lost. All my progress and sacrifice for not… all because I didn’t pay attention. I was… devastated. In desperiation I went to Alexis and in great ignorance, that has now become shame, I asked for what I had lost. I asked for my progress back. I knew the policy on &quotmiss clicks&quot, but I asked anyway. You know what Alexis said? Nothing could be done, and I wouldn’t of finished the story anyway (I now realize that this might be in some part due to the fact that the SMEN content would be locked a short time later).

In saving me, Urchins had damned me.

For a time… the idea of logging back into London turned my stomach. For days I raged and raged at the &quotidiocy&quot of London. Then, a quiet came over my mind (as is common when the mind cools off). I realized two things; any game that can inspire such emotions in me is, and I suppose always will be, more than just a game to me. Consider that as pathetic as you will. London is more than a game to me now, it is a story. Possibly one of the best stories I have ever encountered, because it is my story and the story of thousands of others.

Fallen London has brought me laughter and joy, sadness and satisfaction… anger and disappointment. London has put me through one hell of a gambit (again, consider that as pathetic as you will). Just like the best stories I have ever read.

I apologize for the ramble, its just that your words, Voiceless Soh, reaffirmed why I still play to this day. Despite the grind. Despite the lofty and time consuming status symbols. Despite the fact that, at the end of the day, Fallen London is just clicking a button or two waiting for something to happen, but its also a story, a story that is still being written and may very well be a sweeping epic for the ages. I will be deeply saddened when it ends, but I know I will be there to see it, to read it. No story worth its words is &quoteasy&quot, no story worth reading is without its barbs and thorns.

I continue to ramble… So then I logged back in. Got a hold of some Fate. Conquered the Nadir and every other expedition I could. Became a member of the CVR and started to rebuild my fortune. I am now only a few thousand Echos away from that Over-Goat… I became ever so much more sociable and have made it my goal to help all those who seek it. I even intend to jump back on the SMEN band wagon when it opens again… maybe not.