Suddenly can't see friends on Twitter

After Fallen London was down a brief period of maintenance yesterday, I stopped being able to send invitations to anyone on my Twitter list. I’ve reported it to ebugs, but was wondering if anyone else is having trouble.

Parthenia is feeling rather isolated.

Me too, I already reported it.

Same problem for me as well.

Argh. Of course, as Murphy wills - my growing menaces are truly annoying to manage without my friends and I’m in need of confident smiles.

It is hard to remember I played for almost a month before making delicious friends to help with these things. However did I cope?

I have noticed this as well…it is worrying.

Same here. I wonder if it’s people who have their account linked both to Facebook and twitter but logged in via Facebook?

Alas, it can’t be that. I don’t even have a facebook account so I’m not linked to it.

My account is linked to both Twitter and Facebook. Regardless of which login method I use (I tried all three), I can see Facebook friends but not Twitter friends.

I’m also having this problem. I sent a bug report, but I haven’t heard back. If previous times I’ve sent in a bug report hold true the problem will fix itself and then they’ll get back to me a day later.

I really want to send this boxed cat onwards though.

Dang, I was really hoping we’d hear something or this would be fixed by now, because without social actions menace management is it eating up a whole lot of my (currently diminished due to echo disablement) available actions.

This is also the case with me.

I suspect that the good people at Failbetter are putting Twitter on hold for a bit(coincidentally during their three year anniversary to the medium) so that they may work out the bugs they were having with the Echoing process. Have faith. Being in beta means these things happen.

It was the case with me; it seems to have suddenly sorted itself out in the last hour. Huzzah!

I can see my friends too! sends off rustling parcel

YAY! I love my delicious friends and neighbors. They are so helpful!

Of course, I’m a slave to Murphy, I used up about 10 actions last night (if I recall correctly) managing menaces.

All is well!

This is good news! I can now get some serious loitering, chess-playing and fear-confessing done. I’ll try not to make a pest of myself.