Subscribing via credit cards?


I want to have a monthly subscription but it seems to be only available via PayPal which has so many issues in my country and I can’t pay through it.

I’m allowed to use credit card to buy Fate via Braintree which works for me. Is there a way to turn Fate into a subscription? If not, am I missing something here - can I buy a subscription via credit card without having to go through PayPal?

Thank you

If you have an Android or iOS device, you can download the Fallen London app and buy Exceptional Friendship in the application, where you pay with your credit card through Google Play / App Store.

I have a monthly subscription through a credit (debit?) card. I use the website, not the app. Since I’m already subscribed, I unfortunately can’t help you through the UI.

DO not even pretend such.

it is NOT avalible on “android devices” My tablet can’t even access it.

For some reason it looks like failbetter didn’t even try to get it onto amazon products.

If you’re having trouble with Amazon’s restrictions, that’s a shame, but there’s no need to be rude and accusatory about it. Kindly remember your decorum.

This worked for me perfectly.

In the app, I had to click on buy Fate, then instead of buying fate I scrolled down and ‘become an exceptional friend’ was there. Paid through Google Play like you said. Thanks

I’m trying to keep decorum, but I won’t be lied to. And yes, a lie of omission is still a lie. If the statement was non amazon android devices, you’d not get a peep from me. I just feel like I’m a second class citizen because I wanted to have easier access the prime services.

I own an android device, period.
There is no access to the app, period.
Thus not all android devices, period.
So it’s not true to say that all you need to be able to do this is an android or iOS device.
I’d LOVE to give money to them, I want to buy the products, but am prevented from it. Yes partly through my own action. I’m prepared to pay the price for my mistakes, but some honesty won’t hurt, will it?

Downvote me if you like, but it won’t cause me to not call out those who are not being truthful.

I’ve bought fate and exceptional friendship before, and as soon as I can actually do it again, I will again, but for now there are issues.

If you’d like to be useful, you could offer the reason why they didn’t want to make it available to my part of the market?
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[color=#ff9900]If you’re finding this a struggle, it’s probably best to take a break from the conversation.[/color]

Ben, no offense, but the issue with Amazon devices and Google Play Store ain’t nothing new. Depending on your device you may be able to install it, but proceed with caution and use common sense regarding download-able “hacks”.
My junk phone has issues loading the game, but I have to be honest; didn’t have much free time to check the app using wife’s phone! :D
Good luck with your pursuit!

[quote=Robin Alexander]
Assuming that’s correct, couldn’t one switch over to the browser version, buy a subscription, then switch back to the app? :-S[/quote]

See, that’s why I’m sort of lost on the actual point of the whole topic :)

As far as I can tell subscribing through the browser requires PayPal, which doesn’t work everywhere.

The app does have another advantage, or at least the iOS app does, and I assume the Android app does too. It lets you buy multiple months of EF-ship at a discount.

Huh. Interesting. Been some time with me, so I just (on your post) saw and checked this. Now I seriously have to assume that whoever was responsible for that change must have had quite bad luck on a low-level Wisdom check. Or something.

I have a credit card subscription, made through the browser. Never had to use PayPal for anything. I think it depends on which country you live in.

Uh. Ah.


I think that big Paypal button is misleading. If I scan it right the CC details under that still go straight to BrainTree - the Paypal button is an alternative option.
(Now that really does look misleading.)

[quote=Robin Alexander]
I would never have realised that, unless you said, as it looks so much like it’s covering the credit card section [/quote]

The looks of it fooled me too on first glimpse. And I don’t think we’re the only ones. Probably the OP fell victim to it too? Can’t stress that enough: It REALLY looks misleading, and very MUCH so.

The main thing about buying via Google Store / App Store is that you can get around credit card restriction by buying a gift card, I suppose.

Indeed. I used a gift card that wouldn’t work in the browser (probably because of a country restriction) by installing the android app and going through Google store. I don’t actually use the app to play, I much prefer the browser - but the app was a great way to get through. Google took my money and paid FBG. Everyone happy.

[quote=Robin Alexander]
Assuming that’s correct, couldn’t one switch over to the browser version, buy a subscription, then switch back to the app? :-S[/quote]

It works both ways. Furthermore, instead of a monthly bill you can buy a month or quarter or year of ES on the app with a discount for those who doesn’t like an ongoing subscription. You could even use an emulator for that if you don’t have a smartphone.
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