Stuck with topsy king12 in hearts desire: C bottom

Can someone PLEASE help me get more coins? i will be ur active friend here forever lol. thx beforehand! :) ingame my username is astranox. :)[li]edited by astranox on 6/30/2018[/li][li]
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bump. is there anything against doing that in this forum? i need to read da rules.

This kind of request is entirely acceptable and rather common. However, you do need to supply your in-game account name so that benefactors can send the coins you seek.

There is/used to be a thread for it. And it’s how I acquired my first little stash. I’m happy to reciprocate.

wow receptive forum! thanks! and i did btw. “im astranox” ill edit to make that more clear. :)

Add your profile to your signature. This is makes it very easy to find you.

kay. ill… try to find that haha ;)

testing, testing 321. got it :)

WHOA i have enough now! lol thanks

dammit im confused… the story disappeared?? hearts desire. HALP MEH

nvm got it. i hadnt thought of flit. :)

sorry for the trouble, but im stuck on topsy king 12 already. i only had 18% chance of talking sense into him, so i lost the book. how do i acquire a new one? and do i need 2 wait until my persuasive is higher then 30ish since i cant spam it with my actions until i win? thx. im retitling if i can. i used 2 b asking for coins here newcomers. thx!

I’d work on raising your Persuasive and pursuing some other storylines–it’ll go up pretty quickly at this phase. Most things in FL are straightforward to achieve, but you want to be in the 40% range at least. Like, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a Confident Smile and swinging for the fences, but the storyline isn’t going anywhere, especially since there’s an object you lose if you fail. FL is sending you a signal here.

hm… okay. ill switch jobs from shadowy once i get rewards and pursue the shuttered palace until then. and on ur footnote thing: i wanna see the satan front elected. i feel like the story will be badass.