Stuck on the Streets of Polythreme

I am a first-time visitor to Polythreme, and I am finding the city quite frustrating. With all progress a matter of luck, and an increase in one quality so frequently accompanied by a decrease in the other, I am experiencing difficulty in achieving any goals at all before losing all my Unnatural Exuberance. Do any more experienced tourists have any advice for making my stay on the Streets of Polythreme more productive?

The first runs you’ll probably want to pay for the first actions. Then trade in what you have the lowest of for the other. Once you have either Fascinating or Investigating 12, use either the A Guided Tour of Polythreme" or “A Little Spy Work” options. This will add a card with a persuasive/shadowy challenge to your deck.

Thank you for the advice, Aximilio. I have now taken a Guided Tour of Polythreme, so the next time I venture across the Unterzee and the Sea of Voices, I hope to have better fortune.
edited by Danae on 8/12/2013