Stuck on in search of a stiff drink

I’m hunting the Vake and I’m at lvl 40, &quotTalk to the Gracious Widow&quot but since I have in search of a stiff drink I can’t go any further. And it seems I can’t get rid of or finish the &quotin search of a stiff drink&quot attribute, I checked the wiki and it seems like there should be one in my lodgings but there isn’t.

Any tips or info about when it might be shown or why it isn’t shown?

W: 80
S: 69
D: 100
P: 74

What’s your current level of “In Search of a Stiff Drink”?


Unfortunately, the continuation of the story there is in opportunity cards, specifically with a bronze border. Unless someone else has knowledge I don’t (I’m not doing Bag a Legend, so my information is somewhat more limited), you may just have to wait until the RNG relents in it’s undying wrath.

In Search of a Stiff Drink was one of those disappearing stories for me. I remember starting it, possibly even paying fate for it, and then entirely forgetting about it. Either the conclusion was nothing memorable, or I also got “stuck” on it. Since I’m on Light Fingers, I suppose it never caused a problem for me.

Yep, it’s a card. I just saw it…and failed. But owell, now I know.

My ambition is also Bag a Legend, and I ran into the same wall. It in fact took months for the requisite oppertunity card to appear for me to continue that story. With any luck, you won’t need to wait as long.

i was lucky with this stage of Bag A Legend! finished in search of a stiff drink fairly quickly. maybe you could increase the chances of getting the card if you sold off some of your pets that have opportunity connected to them?