Stuck on Dueling With The Black Ribbon 2

How do you advance to stage 3 of DwtBR?
I’ve completed a name scrawled in blood, and need a bringer of death to progress in POSI, but I can’t do that until I progress DwtBR, which I can’t find any information on how to do.
Do I just need to advance my fearsome duelist quality to a certain point? Or have I accidentally softlocked myself by progressing a name scrawled in blood?

Try duelling Vendrick seriously.

Do you mean to the death? My issue is that that action doesn’t appear. The option to duel vendrick to the death requires DWtBR 5. I’m stuck at DWtBR 2, and have no idea how to progress it.

Go to wolfstack docks (not the blind helmsman) and chat with a local drownie.

Thank you very much! That worked