Stuck on A Name Signed with a Flourish 6

So! I got my A Name Signed with a Flourish quality up to six earlier in the week. The stay in the tomb-colonies was absolutely worth it.

…But I have no idea where the next step in the Making Your Name: Persuasive is to get the quality up to 7, and I’ve spent the past few days parsing through the wiki and the depths of Google. Is the next step possibly working on the Carving out a Reputation at Court quality and then getting banished? I’d started that storylet while romancing the Barbed Wit and the Acclaimed Beauty (to break up the monotony of trying to raise my Fascinating), so I have no idea right now how I’m supposed to get to A Name Signed with a Flourish up to 7.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Yep, you have to get banished and go to the Tomb-Colonies to reach 7. Just keep making masterworks and raising Carving out a Reputation until the next phase in that process kicks in (or delay at that point until you’re all done with Court stuff you want to pursue, because banishment).

You are correct in your assumption. Once you’ve completed a romance with either the Barbed Wit or the Acclaimed Beauty (or both - how scandalous!) you need to raise your Carving out a Reputation at Court to 4, which will cause the Veteran Privy Counsellor to set you on the path which eventually leads to expulsion from Court. This is the only way to access the Foreign Office and Port Carnelian, but it comes with a loss of some useful resources like an easy way to grind Stolen Correspondence and Making Waves.

Thank you very much for the confirmation, guys! Kinda odd that you can start the path to banishment story line at the same time as romancing the Wit and the Beauty… Ah, well.

Thanks again!

Be careful though! Once banished from Court, it’s impossible to get any of the unique items for writing works and one of the best methods for raising Scholar of the Correspondence from 7 to 10 is inaccessible.

My 2 cents so far. i would strongly advise AGAINST continuing down this path. People don’t seem to have much good to say about the content that comes after the palace, and it is a very helpful place for several things.

Personally i’m planning to stay there forever, or at least until a way to regain access is implemented. i don’t think i want to lose the empress’ court

Banishment is necessary for learning anything about the Foreign Office, including the fate-locked storyline and subsequent unique items. Gaining the max title for Successful Terms as Governor is itself a pretty common endgame goal, and is fairly profitable as well.