Stuck in Tomb-Colonies! Help!

My Scandal accidentally got too high, and now I’ve been exiled to the Tomb Colonies. Which would be fun to get out of if it were POSSIBLE. The only option available to me is ‘A Letter to a Trusted Friend’ and all it does is RAISE MY SCANDAL MORE. Dafuq? I used up all my contacts and things and now it’s at like 5.5 still. I have no idea what to do now. This is Not Fun At All, especially because the reason it got so high is because I was trying and trying to go to Church to get it to GO DOWN.

This is terribly unfair, and I didn’t buy a subscription just to be delegated to a place where I can NEVER get out. I was under the impression that things like exile and death are able to be worked on, but apparently not so much.

Please help me.

Play only opportunity cards, not the normal storylets. That’s how you get out.

Don’t forget to take off any scandalous clothing. If you’re wearing a modish bonnet, you’ll never get out.

It appears you have fallen prey to the age-old dilemma of being too charming for your own good. A less Persuasive person than you could use that storylet to escape the Colonies while raising their Persuasive (Though it would use all their Confident Smiles), but you, alas, are relegated to having to use all your Opportunities to work towards your return.

If you have the connections, you can trade those in by writing letters. They’re quite an effective route out, although obviously, they do cost Connections.