stuck in the tomb colonies

Having just reduced my nightmares sufficiently to return to my lodgings I found I went straight to the tomb colonies-Oops. Therefore patiently reduced scandal but found I could not remove my scarlet stockings. I remain stuck in the tomb colonies. I have no other less scandalous legwear. Help!

What do you mean you can’t remove the stockings? If you click them in your “Me” page, you should be able to remove them even if you have no other footgear. If that doesn’t work it means it’s probably a bug, you should report it to Failbetter Games and they’ll probably take care of it quickly ^^
edited by streetfelineblue on 1/3/2012
edited by streetfelineblue on 1/3/2012

Yep, that sounds like a bug. Email, they should be able to help.

here’s the code if you want to try that:


needs to be typed up in your location bar on the game page.

might just want to try reloading or checking your security settings.

Thankyou all for your prompt replies. I have managed to un-equip/ undress/ divest myself of my stockings, which were sticky due to the page taking a very long time to load so unresponsive to my frantic mouse clicking. I did report to ebbugs but it looks like I’m the one with the bug! Onwards to my lodgings!