Stuck in the Labyrinth

I seem to be getting nowhere in the Labyrinth, I have had no way of progressing from the 3rd coil or anything to do there.

I understand procurer of savage beasts help and mine is at 5 and my dueling with the black ribbon is at 6.

Any hints to point me in the right direction would be great! It seems that I have been a bit stuck since the skills adjustment update quite a while back.

You just need to wait for an opportunity card with a Connected: Church check. It may take a while to get, even though it’s Ubiquitous.

Also my making progress in the labyrinth of tigers is only 3 which i think is to low to be at coil 3?

Oh, yes. You’re running too fast too much. Just grind up The Hunt is On and meet the manager at the first coil. Then grind again. Descend when you’re told to.