Stuck in the Gate of Tears

I accidentally misclicked on the Destinies storylet at the end of January. For roleplay reasons, I didn’t and don’t want to commit to one of the Destinies at this point. I was hoping that when the holiday ended and Penstock’s Wicket closed, I’d be kicked out back to my lodgings, but that hasn’t happened yet. Is there a way to get out of this storylet without getting a Destiny? If I try to click on one of the futures, will the site recognize that I’m in an area that’s not supposed to be open and send me out? Thanks!

It sounds like you’ve found an unusual bug. You should send an e-mail to and explain your problem. They will need to know your character name and may ask you for info about the operating system and browser you use to play Fallen London. Good luck!

It is unfortunately likely that now that you’ve started it, the only way forward is to finish that storylet and get a destiny. You can ask support@failbettergames to fix it for you, but they might not - their policy is that they don’t fix misclicks, and it’s not like you ran into a bug.

Can you imagine the howels of rage if they allowed you to enter the storylet before the deadline, but then kicked you out before you could pick a destiny? That would be a serious bug, IMO.

I can’t think of a single example of where you get kicked out of a storylet if you no longer meet the requirements to enter it, either. The bone market would be incredibly annoying if that was the standard.