stuck in search of a stiff drink?

first time on this forum, but I’ve been absolutely stuck on this story and I can’t seem to find an answer to this on any of the wikis :<![li]

basically, I have level 1 of &quotin search of a stiff drink&quot but I just can’t seem to progress in it. This wouldn’t be that much of an issue, if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t seem to go on in my ambition (bag a legend) without completing it.

I found this older thread that seems to suggest I’ve simply out-levelled it? I’m hoping someone here can tell me that I am wrong, or give me suggestions on what to do. ideally that don’t silly hats

Welcome to the forum!

Are you at Bag a Legend 40? There should be two alternate options for those who haven’t started or completed the Stiff Drink story.

I’m not aware of any level caps on the Stiff Drink cards, or at least they’re not visible. Perhaps you’ve been unfortunate in drawing the next progress card? Have you tried drawing your cards in the Forgotten Quarter or the Labyrinth of Tigers? That will slim your deck since those areas have no location-specific cards; it’ll increase your chances of drawing the Stiff Drink cards.

Speaking of Stiff Drink Story, be very careful when you do :

[li](How do I resize image?)

Never saw this one comming. Darn! [/li]

yeah, I’m bag a legend 40. I’ll go try camping out in the labyrinth, thanks![li]
-oh, and with that, in the first six cards for the day I got it. you are a lifesaver <3!