Stuck in Port

Played a few days ago and logged out at Mangrove College, logging back in I no longer have the ability to leave port. Zee-Bat, Lights, Repair and Power are all grayed out, the little [E] is missing from the Dock button, which also doesn’t do anything. Paused or unpaused makes no difference , all the Gazetter content seems to be there. I can talk to officers, do port activities, and having the game unpaused ticks away at my supplies.


That sounds like a bug. Best to report it direct to Failbetter by email (if you haven’t already) - they’ll help you sort it out.


Thought thats what I was doing though lol
edited by StuckAtMangrove on 7/3/2015

These are public forums for chatter - the devs occasionally pop in, but the official way to report a bug is to email them. Then they definitely see it and will get back to you.