Stuck at the carnival

So clearly I was having a good time exploring ;) but now I seem to have gone down a tree where there are no other options for me, i can’t get back to my lodgings on the story tab either.[li]

I can drink from the fountain (done)
I can chat to guests (done)

But I can’t seem to do anything else

Are you in a State of Some Confusion, after peering into a Mirror? If so, you’ll need to lower Nightmares to 0 to get out - be sure to remove any equipment that gives Nightmares (like a Sporing Bonnet).


Ah maybe thats it, my nightmare quality is 6. Let me see if I can get that down even further

Alternatively you may have ended up in “A slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river”, in which case you’ll need to reduce Wounds to 0 instead.

Given the options in the OP they are definitely in a State of Some Confusion.

The mirrors at the carnival catch a lot of people, that is how I first met the Boatman, but they are useful if you need to visit those menace areas.