Stuck as ShadowedStranger

Hi, I was just starting up my second Captain with the choice of legacies etc. I had chosen my background and my ambition and was in Wolfstack Docks for the first time.

I had to quit the game to open up an email in relation to a phone call I received, as for some reason I couldn’t CMD+TAB to a different window, and now when I re-enter the game my character is just ‘ShadowedStranger’ with no background info. I guess I managed to quit before the game Auto-saved my character choices but is there a way to force the game to redo the character section, such as with a console command?

If you somehow obtain pretty much any officer, there will be an option to tell them about your past. Using this action will allow you to do the whole event. Two officers that I remember having this feature are the Tireless Mechanic and the Carnelian Exile. And yes, what you did is exactly what you thought you did, it’s happened to me before.

Nice one, thanks, I will give that a try.