Streaming Sunless Sea

Streaming Sunless Sea on Twitch as PrincessSlaughter if anyone is interested.

Come give me advice.

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thanks to everyone who came and helped out. I might stream again tonight, you can always follow me and be alerted if I do.

SO not to keep replying to my own post but I streamed for about an hour last night. Do these count towards the streams for bonuses as part of the sunless skies kickstarter? If not, how do I make them count?

Bring it to FBGs attention, probably by tweeting them.

Can I post stream do that? The videos are still up on twitch

Am currently streaming over at Twitch
Come and shout bad advice at me!

Edit: Finished. Technical problems and dodgy connections made it all a bit of a mess, but nevertheless, fun was had!
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Yep, you should be able to tweet them a link to the VOD.