Strangely Balanced Weapons

Digging the game, but…wow, the weapon balance seems wonky as all get out. The most notable thing for me: The ‘Reproach’ is 3 points of hull and life damage stronger than the ‘Denunciation’, despite being 300 echoes cheaper. It also has the exact same crew damage and warmup time, and both are Deck Guns. Probably want to give that another pass pretty soon, it’s odd that made it out of EA.

Some people have been reporting that this has been fixed for them, while others are reporting that they’re still mixed up. I have no idea what’s causing the discrepancy.

Strange, i remember it was fixed, maybe it’s a regression from a previuos update, i’ll check in the gamefiles just to be sure it’s not just the text that’s wrong.
Have you already send a bug report? If not, you shall.

EDIT: Currently, looking at gamefiles and in-game stat, they are swapped on with latest story update, but i also remembered it was corrected some times ago… Of course it will be really easy to swap it back. Just send a bug report at failbetter guys, forum are a great place to discuss but it’s really a poor way to point out bugs.
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I noticed this in my new game as well. Funny thing is, I could swear that my retired captain had the Denunciation at full strength (3 above the reproach.) I assumed something went wrong when I passed the gun onto my Scion, but maybe it’s just a versioning issue.

While it does, obviously, need to be fixed, it’s something of a moot point, as both are inferior to another deck weapon.
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Another very expensive weapon. It was only late last night that I had 1500 echos to throw around.

Have any of us send a but report about this yet?

[quote=Gregg Johnson]While it does, obviously, need to be fixed, it’s something of a moot point, as both are inferior to another deck weapon.
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Not moot, really, because the other deck weapons are far more expensive. While this bug exists, it is a cheap, powerful upgrade in the early game.

Maybe that’s fine, but it’s not zero-impact.

I just came on here to report this myself.

The Reproach Deck Gun is only 200 Echoes, does +15 Dmg (almost double your initial Peashooter).
the Denunciation costs 500 Echoes, does +12 Damage. At least in my game and over a couple updates now.

It’s screwy, but I’m hoping that rather than weaken the reproach, they instead strengthen the Denunciation. At +15 and with some decent Iron, you can oneshot the baby crabs and bats often enough with the Reproach in this manner, and that’s a pretty fair 1st upgrade for your main gun, as it’s primarily a nuisance limiter, while not being AT ALL overpowered if you try to go toe to toe with anything big, which will still pose plenty of threat. If this is weakened, then that just makes the start all the more annoying with the early nuisance enemies while not really offering a decent beefy gun for further progress at a higher price (I guess there are other stronger later game guns of course, but I’m still new and the Reproach’s damage FEELS right at 15 to me).

lol yep I got my first death from an albino moray that I foolishly didn’t flee from in the starter ship with the Reproach gun. I already had 16 damage from a jillyfish and my computer’s due an upgrade so 4 hits to finish me off about half a second before it died from my last shot. Oops.

On less strong enemies though the Reproach was about right I think too.

Fix is on the way, support told me it will come with the next update (Among other fixes).