Strange thing in amongs the files

(maybe change the title and put this in spoilers to warn about it? it was pretty fun searching for this on my own!)[li]
edited by fortluna on 2/2/2015

Ambition: Enigma is a “storyline” in Fallen London which breaks the fourth wall a bit and allows access to some musings from the writers and developers, as well as some extra content. All the ways to access, and further, the Ambition have been secretive and esoteric. I believe this is a clue for reaching the next tier.

Aye, after some digging I found out that I posted some stuff that may ruin the hunt for other People. So in Respect to Mr. Kennedy’s wishes I have deleted my posts pertaining to the clue.

Yeah, I’m going to be equally paranoid, and just. slide away. So HOW ABOUT those BLEMMIGANS I have done nothing but propagate them everywhere. (wow, I can’t believe that there’s a place where propagation actually brings benefit? I think only the Surface cities lack options for that now.)
My favorite propagation choices were probably the Grand Geode and the Isle of Cats (plus all the ports to the North because I do harbor a bit of a grudge). …and favorite new port reports options were Kingeater’s Castle and the Admiral’s reaction to Irem. (I dwell in perfect contentment, because the game for which I am the target demographic finally exists – I’m just going to be over here for the next few hours, vicariously turning in incomprehensible reports that I didn’t even have to write.)

And what of the Labyrinth of Tigers now available in London…