Strange Ships

Out of curiosity (and a few other reasons maybe), I installed the ‘compulsion’ engine on my tiny, run down ligeia-class steamer. Now all of a sudden, I am barreling across the seas in what amounts to roughly a tin can strapped to a motor boat engine. I can’t say if I regret this or not. To be utterly frank, the poor thing guzzles enough fuel to one day be the sole cause of a micro global warming down in the cavern of the neath.

This has left me curious, how many of you have chosen… unorthodox… upgrades to your ships, and to what end?

I started one game with enough echos from my previous character’s legacy to buy a dreadnought. So I did, but I didn’t buy an upgraded engine. I went insane and starved to death in fairly short order.

During a quest to the East, I briefly made use of the Lampad-Class Cutter and WE ARE CLAY to go South without suffering half-speed afterwards. I had already obtained the Fulgent Impeller.