Strange happening before my grand illusion

Hello from behind the mirror!

Something weird happened to me yesterday, shortly before I was going to have my grand illusion with the Glass at Mahogny Hall. I (that is, the actual me - the player) wasn’t really in the right state of mind for playing, so my memory is a litte hazy. Anyway, here’s broadly what happened, and I guess I should warn of potential spoilers although I have no idea what was going on myself: A storylet appeared where someone wanted to see me. I think it was someone named M. someting. They took me somewhere and then there was a text saying something like “something is wrong”. and then I think there was some sort of sound - maybe a woosh or some sort of hiss (or maybe I’m fabricating memories of fingerkings). Then it was back to Mahogny Hall.

Anyway, I think this was after choosing Saturday as day of the week, but I might misremember that aswell. I tried searching for the right storylet in the wiki, but what should have happened around there was the storylet Before The Grand Illusion in which a bat comes to visit. I have no memory of a bat visiting, and sure enough - after checking my inventory i learned that I did not have the extra Ridiculous Hat that the bat was supposed to bring.

This is the real mystery of the wars of illusion, I’d say! Would anyone be able to shed any light on what the B_____ H___ happened here?


…do excuse me, but what?

That’s what I said - what?!

You may actually be on the frontier of new content! FBG recently rebalanced the Wars of Illusion, and so the wiki is likely outdated on some of their changes. You should be excited that you’re probably one of the first people to see this!


What an honour! I still wonder what it was that I saw though… :cat: :snake:

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