Strange Bug Happened

Ok so I booted up Sunless Sea today, and went to continue on my last saved game. After loading in I found that I was in the middle of no where, with nothign in site.
I can tune my engins on but nothing happens, and while i am given the option to Dock again nothing happens.
When I load my chart it focuse on some area outside the map bottom left.

Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone helpo me out with what to do?

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edited by Flyte on 1/22/2015

[color=#C2B280]Sorry about this – it’s probably a misunderstanding between today’s build and your save file. Could you email so we can straighten things out?[/color]

This happens to me too when there are big updates. I just started a new game.

Hey sorry but what is it you want me to email, is it the save file or something and if so how do I get to the file? (Currently running the steam version)

Ok sent of an email now thanks for the help. :)

PS. Love your username it’s one of two usernames I normaly use, was wondering who had it when it was unavailable. :D

The exact same thing happened to me after todays updates: ship alone in an endless sea, no docking, empty gazetter, displaced map … I’m so sad, I had just enough money to think about upgrading to the frigate!
I also sent my savegame to failbetter, hoping they can rescue it …

This happened to me too after I opened steam this morning, so I started a new game and after playing with that for a bit, my saved games opened like normal. [li]

This happened to me as well. The thing is, I play hardcore auto save mode, and I had just gotten the Avid Codex, which I worked really hard to get.

[color=#3399CC]This issue has now been fixed, if you are still experiencing the issue you may need to update Sunless Sea. If you continue to experience problems please get in touch with support at : [/color]