StoryNexus data export

As you are probably aware, we are planning to remove StoryNexus’s editing suite, and to remove worlds from the platform that are in an early/unplayable stage of development.

We have sent an email to creators explaining this and offered an export of their world’s data.
This is now available at http://[your-world]

The data is exported in json format - it’s readily computer parseable but hard to read given its complexity and size/depth.

We have had a number of requests to offer software support for the format, which is something that unfortunately we cannot offer.

However there are a number of creators faced with the same problem, and some are working on ways to make use of the data.

We’re creating this thread as a place for creators to share their approaches and discuss them if they wish to.

I’m getting a 504 Gateway Timeout when attempting to get mine.

Might I suggest making the export SQLite? It’s dead easy to do and probably much quicker to export on the server. There are some free SQLite browsers that will let people read and copy the text from their databases much more easily than JSON as well.

Hi Rob, sorry about that, yours is rather a large world!
I have upped the timeout on the load balancer, have another go and let me know if still an issue.
Could you send a support ticket regarding SQLLite.
I think it will significantly harder for us to do that, as we were able to leverage existing json functionality. But let me know what you have in mind.


Thanks! I’m still getting the timeout though. I sent a support request too.

sorry I missed this. have bumped timeout again.