Story Nexus Projects: What will YOU create?

I Keep on hearing that people have great ideas for story Nexus and i would love to hear what you will make! Will anyone make a game about the sixth stolen city? What about a 1984 like world?
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I’m making a zombie game similar to The Walking Dead comics. You know more human centric with the zombies being more of a set piece then anything else.

Super hero and or villain game. Designing the setting and will allow the players to react and shape it, deciding whether or not they want to save or conquer the world. Lots of choices.

An existential horror story about watching your life fall apart.

You as a professional henchman, choosing which villain(s) to work for. Don’t lie on your resume.

Fallen Moskau. Hehehe…

I haven’t quite thought about the setting (Though, I’m pondering setting it in an old D&D campaign I ran a while back), but I have thought about the mechanics.

I realized that requiring multiple checks (Ala the Sardonic Music Hall Singer and Decadent Evening cards) could allow you to have party members, of a sort. It might get complicated beyond having a single companion assist on any venture, but you could have qualities to indicate things like how much they like/trust you, their own versions of the core stats, how well geared they are, any prep work they need to do… and then test them as necessary, either with your own stats if you’re cooperating, or by their own if you’re sending the companion to do something on his own.

I aim to make managing such companions a pivotal part of the gameplay.


Fallen Moskau. Hehehe…[/quote]
Well, you Do say russia is sinking in one of the early storylets… If Moskau became a fallen city it would make the cold war a lot more interesting.

I’m thinking about fairy tales. You enter the forest where all the fairy tale rules and tropes apply, and go from there.

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[color=#009900]As my response on the questions thread - we have to limit or outright disallow contributions to the FL storyworld, so don’t plan games around these ideas! But we’re very interested to hear what other plans people have for worlds.[/color]

Planning a Modern Urban Fantasy type game, where characters are mortals that will eventually become a part of one of the various supernatural factions in the city. Will definitely use plenty of unique qualities.

I’ve always toyed around with the idea of making a game for my comic, and that might be the perfect platform for it, actually. In that case it wold be a game about being homeless in a city populated by anthropomorphic animals.

I confess that the title for my initial game idea was “Between the Stars”. :)

Oh well. I think I’ll start with something short and relatively, just to get acquainted with the system. Perhaps a survival horror game set in a small medieval town during the Black Plague.

I’m currently working on ideas for a Cyberpunk Sci-fi Nior-ish thing. At the moment I’m coming up with various factions to have the player work with. I’m thinking working with the factions is going to be a key part of the game.

My team plans to develop a near-future cyberpunk/western set in the American southwest.

Hmmm a cyperpunk western? Sounds familiar. >_> Deadlands: Hell on Earth - Wikipedia

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be working on just yet. But it’s great to see everyone else’s ideas, and I’ll try to eventually pick something that minimizes repetition. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress in the coming weeks!

@Branden: big fan of Deadlands back from when I was a kid! The concept’s similar in flavor, like chocolate and mint-chocolate ice cream, but different in execution and thrust.

I plan on creating an open-world adventure set in a magical post-apocalyptic ruined city and the desert around it. It will be a game of survival-horror, action and exploration where the player has to manage their inevitable, almost unavoidable corruption by the dark powers in the region. EDIT: By the way, it’s called City of Phire and based off of a one-shot D&D game setting that… got out of hand and became half a campaign setting book.

Ooh, dark. That’s just the way I like it. xD

These are popular lately, aren’t they? :P I wonder if you’ve played either of my Varytale stories at all?

Cyberpunk noir, I’m intrigued already.
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I used to run a large RPG chat set in the World of Darkness and got tired of trying to mesh Table Top game rules with the demands of online games. I tried to do work to mesh the two, but the more I house ruled, the less it became the books that the players had shelled out money for, so the less satisfied that they were with the game as a whole.

I want to create something, probably with a staff of other storytellers, that is a mix of modern inspirations between WoD, Dresden Files, etc.