Stone tenctacle key? (Heart's Desire spoilers)

What is it? What does it unlocks? Why is it on the bottom of Hunter’s Keep well? What it has to do with Manager? So many questions about such a tiny object. Does anyone has a knowledge to share about this?

I have never seen or heard anything about it, and if I recall correctly, neither did our Rat God, quite a strange object, isn’t it?

That’s what prompted me to ask the question, actually. I was browsing through his blog, and it piqued my curiosity. Manager mentions that it went through a lot of hands…and it seems to me that he really loves it…could it be a piece of King of a Hundred Hearts?

Just get a ship and go to Hunter’s Keep. You’ll find a nice carousel there which will bring you a key. All shall be well.

Oh, I’ve gotten my key a long time ago! That’s why I am talking about Manager and his connection with it.

Wish there was a non-Heart’s Desire use for it. It’s an intriguing little thing but I have Bag-A-Legend so all it is is a pretty little wall-decoration.

There is - it’s also a Nemesis item.

I remember in my first life in FL, back in 2012/2013, I had gotten the impression that the stone-tentacle key was eventually supposed to be required in all the ambitions. I have no source for this besides my poor memory from many years ago. There’s still time for it to make it into the other ambitions…

Yes! I found a link that agrees with me!