Stone, Storm and Salt quality - no event

While playing yesterday, I was about to construct a Shrine to Stone when I realised that it was locked off because I didn’t have the quality &quotThe Gods of the Zee: Stone, Storm and Salt&quot. I’ve played plenty in the past and know the events that grant this quality, but Time, the Healer is past 50 in this run and I haven’t encountered any of these events.

The wiki pages for each of the three events state that they only happen while Time, the Healer is between 1 and 50. If this is true, then I seem to be locked out of writing the Zong of the Zee with this captain, and I’ve already worked quite a ways toward the Explorer Ambition with them. Could this be a bug linked to Zubmarines and the ability to submerge, I wonder? My two prior captains in this file (the second of whom unlocked zubmarines) got the events easily enough…

I’ve never heard of needing that quality to construct a shrine to Stone. All you should need are the seven secrets and a captivating treasure.

And if by &quotTime, the Healer&quot you mean &quotSomething Awaits You&quot, don’t worry. It gets set to a random value every time it dings (every 60 seconds). You can still get those events just by sailing around, the between 1 and 50 part is just part of the randomization (there’s also only a 1% chance of it actually happening whenever SAY is between those values), and again, this shouldn’t have anything to do with building a shrine to Stone.

It requires the quality to be greater than 0. It makes fair sense to have that requirement, though it does kind of gate the item off while one waits for the RNG…

Ohhhh… I didn’t read the quality descriptions properly, perhaps because I was quietly panicking on the subject. Silly me :P
Hopefully it’ll show up, in that case. Perhaps it’s just me being submerged playing hob with when the criteria are otherwise aligned.
edited by Vex on 10/26/2016