Stolen Correspondence and Intriguing snippets

Getting these seems like an annoyingly slow grind- 2 actions for 40 stolen letters in the flit, or a bunch more actions for a varying chance at 300 stolen correspondence, and then the conversion rate seems rather low. Is there some better source that I have not found on the unofficial wiki? I can get plenty of first-tier items at basic grinds yielding at least 5 times as much.

Help appreciated, stay shiny!

The echo value of the Stolen Correspondence from Unfinished Business is the same as the rest of the non-varying resources, it’s just that as Stolen Correspondence sells for 5p rather than 1p or 2p you get fewer per go. I’m busy grinding up some of these myself, but I think it’s just something where we both will have to put in the turns.

The best source of stolen correspondence I know is writing letters at the Empress Court, at 18 per action, they are rather valuable as Colin said, as for snippets you can keep a steady flow from an acquaintance with the Hall Singer.

Oh good, I will remember the singer. However, I am banished from the court. had I known how hard the snippets would be to come by I would have waited longer for the Foreign Office and Governorship.

I also rushed off the Court, don’t really regret it, the whole fascinating game was kind of boring. Also though it may appear slow the grind in Spite pays pretty well, especially with that not so rare success.

Another option to grind these is &quotDiscuss the arts at a tea-party&quot in &quotThe Life of the Mind&quot at the Empress’s Court. It only gives 16 Stolen Correspondance per action, so if you’re solely looking for those it’s not the best option, but it also yields 11 Jade Fragments and one point of Making Waves, so you’ll have other things to show for the actions you’ve spent.