Still possible to start a new world?

Despite the system being in Maintenance Mode, I’m still interested in exploring this really interesting engine. However, I can’t seem to get started. The StoryNexus site has many wonderful stories, but no Create button as mentioned in the Creators Package. I found my way to, and to a page where I thought I might be creating an account, but after entering my info, I got a broken and blank page.

Is this still a thing that can happen?

I believe they shut it down sometime over the summer.

Hi, I know it’s probably too late for the original poster, but for the sake of future people finding this thread:

If you go to, you can still create or edit StoryNexus worlds, at least at time of writing; Black Crown Project excepted due to contract lapse, Failbetter are (quite generously!) keeping the lights on for StoryNexus.