Steward of Discordance

Now it’s pinned alongside other esoteric skills. Since it’s capped at 5 there, I surmise we will have 2 overcaps as well.

Do we know anything else? Where it’s used and where can be raised?
All I can remember is standing stones, Fires vs Furnace and the Clay Beast.
edited by Aro Saren on 2/1/2021

Interesting find!

One of the new Letter options requires Steward 5, which is currently unreachable.

One other point, which might be related. Apparently at Moulin, one of the Statues has two options, one of which requires “Zeefaring” or a name like that. The mouseover text says it’s a new skill which is coming later in the year. So there are some plans for new stats. I also faintly recall someone saying that “skill” was FBG’s internal terminology for Mithridacy, Shapeling Arts, et al. So it sounds to me like we might have a few new ones.

I certainly don’t recall Steward of the Discordance having a cap before this.

Zeefaring looks set to replace An Explorer of the Unterzee. I could see requirements for it on the future Unterzee map that I slipped into accidentally through the Clay Highwayman story.

Steward of the Discordance has never been able to go over 3 for me…

I just noticed that my “An Experienced Zailor” quality is 19/20. Since when did that have a cap?

We may be able to Grind and Overcap Steward at the Hurlers.

Also I love how with sending a Letter writ in Discordance you only have consolation that the paper won’t catch fire.

[quote=PJ]I just noticed that my &quotAn Experienced Zailor&quot quality is 19/20. Since when did that have a cap?[/quote] Where does that show up? My &quotMyself&quot description is text-only, and putting it on my mantlepiece just shows a flat &quot20&quot. It has been functionally capped at 20 for some time unless I’ve missed something (&quothas not increased past 20&quot on all trips), so formalizing it wouldn’t be too outlandish.