Steam Rats Tag

While Sunless Sea is in the top ten best selling games on Steam, there’s only one thing that people ask for as a guaranteed sign of quality:

&quotDoes this game contain rats?&quot

Unfortunately, Steam has no Rats tag, and Sunless Sea is thus unable to inform curious potential buyers that it contains Rats!

So tag Sunless Sea with that seal of quality, a Rats tag, and find other games with Rats to tag. I suggest Dishonoured.

Kingdoms of Amalur also contains rats! I feel like the Thief series must have had rats, but I can’t remember exact instances…
edited by MidnightVoyager on 7/2/2014

The original Thiefs contained a great many mentions of rats, but I don’t believe any specific rat ever actually made an appearance. (It was, for a time, hotly debated whether the Trickster’s basic minions were some sort of rat hybrid, but it was eventually canonically established that they were some kind of ape- or monkey-creature.)