Steam Achievement Hunting

I am at 27/30 of the total possible steam achievements. One I know how to get, but two of them have me completely baffled and so I thought I’d ask the community for ideas. Spoilers, obviously:

[spoiler]The first one is Roaring Rise: it has an icon of the ship over a large eye, so my thought was it was an achieve for finding &quotThe Eye&quot tile. I spent 3 days genning new captains and maps, running a serpentine search pattern along the column 2/3 divider and 4/5 looking for Something Forgotten. Eventually I found &quotThe Eye&quot and it shook my screen and all, but it didn’t give me any achievement. I was so certain that was what it wanted, but it didn’t work. I manually saved the map just in case. But does anyone have any ideas what this achievement might be if not &quotThe Eye&quot?

The second one is A Past Wreathed In Shadows: It has the shadowed stranger icon. So I tried starting a captain with a shadowed past. That didn’t do it. I tried then taking a past from an officer and selecting an ambition and completing it. That didn’t work either. Is there something else you can do with the shadowed past I am missing, or am I on the wrong track entirely? Any one have any ideas what this achievement might be?[/spoiler]

Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts on this matter.

Is there something for completing the sphinxstone storyline with a shadowed past?

I’ve been wondering if “Past Wreathed In Shadows” might be for finishing a game without selecting a Past?

I tried retiring in a fancy lodgings without a past, but maybe that’s not enough. You can’t get a traditional ambition without a past either. There are a few “endings” that aren’t an ambition I might try later, but that’s all I know.

NiteBrite, for the Eye, maybe you have to have the quality of Nightmares about the Eye when you find that tile?

There is: I just did it. It’s how you get the Manual of Miracles. But there was no achievement associated with that.

Is it possible some of these achievements are for the ambitions that aren’t implemented yet? …although to be honest I’m not sure what how they would be with those names, but.

Have you tried looking at The View from Above while without a past? Would be interesting to know result even if you don’t get an achievement.

Seeing as how nobody on Steam has those achievements it’s quite probable they are either bugged or not implemented.

Maybe you need to get your A Recurring Nightmare (“You have begun to suffer nightmares of a vast eye”) up to a certain level and then sail over the Eye?

Roaring Rise seems broken at the moment.

I attempted it vanilla and then with all three God favors, and with ‘eye of the hunter’.

I was really banking on &quoteye of the hunter&quot being the trigger. :/
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I think eye of the hunter’s only use is in Venderbight.

[li]I don’t know if it’s still being sought, but Roaring Rise is achievable at present. Just did it.[li]


Find the tile with the giant Eye and sail over it. The flavour text should read &quotSomething forgotten lies here.&quot[li]

It was broken until recently, such that even if you did find the thing it didn’t give the achievement. But it’s noted as fixed in the latest patch notes.

[quote=Fhoenix]Have you tried looking at The View from Above while without a past? Would be interesting to know result even if you don’t get an achievement.

Huh. That seems like it’s either going to totally break the game or lead to an awesome Easter Egg.

It gives the usual result, just without the Past option.[li]