Status of fixing echoing for action refreshes?

I do hate to make a nuisance of myself, but I must confess (always good for the soul, the Bishop of Southwark tells me) that I find the continued impairment of the action refreshes has reduced my enjoyment of the Game. I was planning on buying a second candle, but I have been waiting on action refreshes before doing so.

Is there any progress to report from the fine mechanics who tend to such arcane, twittery things?

Yours in hope,

I’ve actually allowed my Exceptional Friendship to lapse as a result of this. The first month it was down, I surprisingly got Darkdrop Coffee, which was weirdly set to a certain value rather than added to my existing stocks. Well, for a one-time fix I suppose that was all right - except that it targets only existing friends and leaves potential new ones in the lurch. However, this last month came and went without even that band-aid solution, so I didn’t renew. I’ll likely renew once it is fixed; but you know how habits go… Besides, I had problems with being “encouraged” to use my extra actions when the whims of the clock meant they were available; not when story and free time suggested it was appropriate.

Yes, I’d be interested in progress updates on both this and the even longer-standing bug in which drawing cards from the opportunity deck resets the timer on the deck’s regeneration.

I can typically only play once per day or even less,so the refresh is even more helpful to me if I can use it.

Well once they’re done with their most recent project I’m sure they will fix the bugs in Echo Bazaar.
edited by Cubethulhu on 6/12/2012