Station VIII - Possibility of New Statues

With recent addition of new statues to Balmoral, would it be possible to likewise increase variety of options at Station VIII? After all, &quotThe Road&quot is not the only destiny that may result in transformation into Curator. Besides, some of the Masters available for a visit with Incarnadine Fur Robe are unavailable for commemoration. Where are options for Mr. Mirrors, Mr. Hearts, Mr. Sacks, Mr. Eaten, Mr. Chimes - or perhaps even King Twelve?

Well, I’m not sure it would make sense to have a statue based off destinies. The whole point of them is that they will come to pass in the near or distant future, and statues commemorate the here and now.

Additionally, Mr Mirrors is eternally locked in Parabola, Mr Sacks is not a real Master, Mr Hearts is Mr Apples, and Fires would never permit a statue to Eaten right outside its domain. I imagine even the statue to the revolutionary is far more tolerable than that would be.

Surely a statue to Mr Eaten is just a well?

No, it’s a candle.

A deep well with a chewed-on candle at the bottom.

And now I wish there really was an option to try to build this statue. Doomed to fail, of course, as is all that is related to Seeking. And just as rewar… punishing.