State of Neath

What have lead to exodus? I’ve heard some speculations that Dawn Machine prevailed. Or revolutionaries, by contrast, had blown up Cumaean Canal and forced lights to extinguish, conducted liberation of night. Or Victoria just got tired of Masters.

So did Failbetter give any actual information on it?
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from what I have gathered have not played the skys but from searching the wiki I think I understand Victoria is tired of the masters but that’s a means she can do nothing with it then the sun dies the dawn machine is built as a prototype that goes about as well as we know poorly the clockwork sun is made the definit article to keep Victoria and her husband alive and well and Victoria names herself her renewed majesty but as stated I have not played the game and this is from looking in the wiki so don’t hold it to me
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Spoilers from the Chiropterous Hoarder’s storyline:

It would appear the Bazaar has a 6th city by this point. So we can surmise the liberation hasn’t won. The Clockwork Sun is the Dawn Machine, just expanded and launched into space.

The Inconvenient Aunt’s & Chiropterous Hoarder’s quests:

[spoiler]Victoria temporarily allied with the revolutionaries to reclaim London from the Masters. Together, they succeded. But not exactly according to the plan.

The Bazaar and the remaining Masters go on with their lives… and the Sixth City.[/spoiler]
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Thanks. I finished game before Hoarder update.
I’ve got a hunch that escapees from Truth storyline will see eiffel tower…
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Her Majesty, and more specifically her ego, seems to be the primary driver for the Exodus.

Her Majesty very likely knows that the end of the Fifth, London will be ruined by the fall of Paris, and her people thrown into the Lacre. And yet the Masters will likely leave her and Albert alive as they did with the lovers that attracted them to previous Cities, so that rules out self-preservation. She very clearly doesn’t truly care about the people of London, as seen with the Workworlds in Skies, or the deal-within-a-deal she made in The Committee. She also risks quite a bit in leaving and suffering the wrath of the Masters, so thus it seems her current state, that of a reduced monarch, is what was so intolerable to her. Thus, in the end, it was her pride that caused her to betray the Masters and bring London to the Skies.

Of course, she isn’t the only prideful one here. Technically, the Dawn Machine prevailed, as the Church of the New Sequence literally installed it, or some piece or reincarnation of it, as a god. And now it’s dying, as its pride refuses to let people repair it. The Revolutionaries didn’t blow up the Cumean Canal, but in agreement with her Majesty, they plotted to kill a sun. That sun was dead, robbing them of any blows for the Liberation, and her Majesty ordered the Ministry to purge London’s revolutionaries (as seen in the Avid Horizon memory for revolutionary captains). And finally, her Majesty may find keeping secrets and interstellar politics harder than she thought. All of them, even in (relative) positions of strength in Skies, got burned by their deal.

After all, time holds no surety against death.