Stat: Veils is working against us! (please fix)

[color=rgb(219, 219, 219)]I noticed it in my two past captains - the more I raised my veil, the harder MY OWN SHIP could initiate combat as well. So, if you want to hunt things, having a high veil forces me to basically get EXTREMELY near the creature - now think of that when hunting Mt. Nomad, for example. He doesnt see me until I’m right into his nose. That’s not a good thing. Veils should not make ME see harder.[/color]

The stat says in its description that it will make harder for my enemies to spot me. But it is also making harder for me to spot my enemies!

Plus, when I get my veils higher and higher, zee-monsters also start disappearing unless Im in close range (like crabs and lorn-flukes). Notice that when I get my veils down, they immediatelly reappear, so Im very sure that MY veils is working to make MY ENEMIES hidden from me as well.

So you should change it. Make it so that I can still &quotopen&quot my weapons from a fair distance, and not having to almost touch them so I can fire…

Anyone else having the same problems? Do the devs check these forums?

Its better to email them at They normally respond within a day.

Have you tried using the mouse to click the monster? I have very high veils and that is how I initiate combat.

I don’t think it’s just a problem with my game, it’s a general trait.

I posted this in another forum as well - and someone answered that, apparently, you can &quotclick&quot enemies with the mouse to initiate combat? I never knew that - it also never hints or has any kind of footnote that indicates that it is possible.

I’ll try it later today. It might solve the problem, if so (if I can initiate combat from afar), but they REALLY should put some kind of note that you can do this. I’m very sure Im not the only one who has raised Veils and couldnt combat well…

Pressing Tab will also toggle between on-screen enemies, as an alternative to clicking. It’s listed in the keybindings as ‘Target’, so you can change it if you prefer.

Also, I’m not sure if this is part of your issue, but zee-monsters can dive under the surface from time to time. This is the use of Strange Catches in combat - luring them back up. (I have noticed being able to shoot them with a normal gun when they’re underwater, though.) So, if a crab or fluke suddenly seems to have become invisible in the middle of combat, it’s just diving.

There was a bug during the beta where monsters, especially underwater, couldn’t be targeted until they noticed you - so with high Veils you basically had to be right against the monster. This could have resurfaced, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Press H to Honk your horn and get their attention.