Starveling Cat

I’ve been trying to get a Starveling cat for a while now since its lore seems extremely interesting. It’s apparently from the First City? Unfortunately, I’ve done at least half a dozen rolls via the Pass the Cat card and not gotten one so far. Could be I’m misinformed about that being where one gets a Starveling Cat, I suppose?

Either way, I’ve also heard it’s possible for players to send spare Starveling Cats to each other, so I wanted to ask here if anyone would be willing to pass one along. Ingame name’s the same as here.

Sure, I can send you one. Send me any boxed cats you get and I’ll eventually get another one. Chance of finding one is pretty low so it’s not surprising you didn’t get one in the first half-dozen tries

Awesome, thanks. You’re the one who just sent me one, right? Unfortunately the message log doesn’t keep your username… is it the same as your name here?

yes, I sent you one, same username

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