Start Building some Hype already!

I’ve said before, the Albion Update is failbetter’s second chance for a first impression. After the unfortunate failure of the initial launch, this is your opportunity to turn things around. I don’t see you doing it so far. Marketing guys, what are you doing?

It’s due for release at the end of march right ? We’re twelve days into march and i’ve not heard a peep. This is bad.
You don’t just launch a product and hope it works, you need to start advertising beforehand. Start right now.
We should be seeing regular news posts about the upcoming content throughout march. Twice a week or more would be great. With each one highlight some new location or feature, give some tantalizing details and leave mysteries to be answered later. Build some suspense, unveil things gradually.

Perhaps even take a leaf out of valve’s book. For a decade they’ve been updating TF2 and keeping interest in it by building hype. Before each major content update, they made a page like this TF2 - Jungle Inferno

Often, a week or so in advance, updating the page on a daily basis with a little more content each time. Gradually unveiling more and more exciting things, and getting the players hyped about getting their hands on the new content. More significantly,[u][b] it gets people talking about the upcoming content.

[/b][/u]Anyone talking about your games anywhere is free advertising for you. Excited people talking excitedly about upcoming content has a high chance of getting new buyers onboard.
Sunless skies needs more and better advertising
Start now
edited by Nanako on 3/13/2018

I must say that while I love Failbetter, the decisions made about the EA presentation and marketing has baffled me. I feel like they could do a lot better than this, While I do feel sad about how SS’s launch failed, they can’t get by without doing things on their part. They said they would learn from their mistakes, they need to prove it.
edited by Lord Alexander Alderman on 3/13/2018

[color=#0066ff]Hello! It is kind of you to be concerned. Please know that we are working very hard on this. We have a lot going on, and limited bandwidth to lay out all of our plans here, but we wanted to make you aware that most of our promotional efforts for Albion are around reaching new audiences. You won’t see most of it if you are already closely connected to us, as you certainly are; that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Cheers![/color]