Standalone Zubmariner version?

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Now I wouldn’t want to bug actual support with this (yet), since it’s prolly just something I’ve been missing on my end.

Question: see title. I got SS back in the day by nexstarting it from within FL, got sent a humble link (of format: Your Humble Bundle Receipt) and have been downing SS versions from there all along. I don’t have to actually log in with Humble there, and I don’t think I ever did (or bothered). I can also get a Steam key from there, which I’ve already done (and that’s where I’m playing Zubmariner from now. Steam. From and with this key.)

Now that page (the link above) still reads &quotSUNLESS SEA Explorer Beta&quot and has had it’s latest update on 6th of October, with SS version Which obviously is not Zubmariner.

Am I missing something on my end here? Log In? Wrong link? Fruitcakes? Or is it not intended to get an up-to-date, Zub-inclusive SS version this way?

Please note, my problem is not not getting Zubmariner, I have it fine on my Steam acc. But I actually was expecting to get it also there like all prev SS versions up 'til 6th of October.

So I would really like someone (whoever) to shove a candle up my ear there. Am I missing something, or is that like it’s meant to be?

I’m pretty sure Zubmariner is currently only available through Steam for early access backers, and cannot be downloaded from Humble Bundle, though I’ve heard it can be purchased new through HB. I’d suggest contacting support to see what can be done.

I got mine through Humble Bundle - but it took an email to Failbetter. I think there was some reason that meant it had to be done manually.

The current Zubmariner version is