Stains on one's soul

Hello! I abandoned the Search for the Name some while ago (I think it has since been put on hiatus?) and since then I have been somewhat concerned with the state of my soul. I have tried many and various places to look for a way to be rid of the stains, but no luck so far.
My question- does anyone know if a way to remove stains on your soul exists? I don’t want to be told where it is/how to find it, but I want very much to know if I should keep looking or abandon hope. Thanks very much.

I was able to purify my soul through one of the last monthly Exceptional Stories. Aside that I can’t remember any options.

Ugh, I didn’t see that option, and I’ve played all the stories. I could replay them for Fate, though. Could you PM me which one? I know I said I didn’t want to know where to look, but it turns out to be terribly pricey to retry them all.
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There is a “Reset Flint” option in the Fate tab already. (120 Fate!)

Could someone PM me if Flint is the story in question? 120 Fate is pretty damn steep, and if those quantities of Fate are involved, I’d like to know for sure I’m looking in the right direction.

That’s the story - I didn’t take the option as I worked too hard to get the stains on my soul and I still hope that Seeking will return someday.

Lovely! Thank you very much. When I can splurge $25 entire dollars, I would be happy to play through Flint again and see what I can see. I’d like to befriend the devils, which cannot properly be done with a ruined soul, and I worry about my Heart’s Desire, besides.

You went searching for the name? And not on an alt?

Searching the name on an alt is missing the point so far you’d have to be actively dodging it, really. That said, it’s interesting to see who makes alts, and who genuinely seeks instead of merely a facade.

In case you missed this thread (as it died down), here’s some more thoughts on seeking with Alts (or not an alt)

scuttles back behind the booksehlves

I don’t mean to call another Seeker a wet-eared tyro, but I simulate each stage of the Seeking journey in my actual life. The nice attendant promised to let me use forks again if my good behavior keeps up.

I made this joke recently as well.
I go hungry to feed the machine
Delicious fate will distract me