Stagger and stunlock?

Is it possible to &quotstun lock&quot enemies with a high-Stagger weapon and sufficient Mirrors or Veils? Has anyone actually managed to pull it off?

I am not sure if it is possible. It is however possible to snuggle up behind an enemy and not let them have any attacks on you while you constantly shoot at them.

If you have a ship with forward and deck slots and Carminus guns for both, it’s still entirely possible to always have one primed in time to interrupt a charge. This isn’t really more effective than riding their tail, though.

With a very high mirrors score, it’s possible to land hits on something fast enough that the two second shock never really lets it get a hit in return, particularly if you’re in rapid reverse, but I haven’t seen it where the big creatures have no chance to hit you. It’s possible to take out Morays and small ships with this tactic, but the bigger ones eventually get a go at you.

Hrm, ok then, thanks. I’d tried the snuggle tactic but it wasn’t working for me – apparently because I have the framerate stutter / very poor turning radius issue a few people have been experiencing, so the enemy was consistently able to turn better than I was.