Staffing a Parabolan Pavilion

I’m currently entering the Parabolan pavilion storyline but have stalled for fear of selecting any options I may later regret. It’s a problem of becoming far too attached to my character! Does anyone have any advice on forming a Grand Parabolan Company, and what Cultivators or Oneironauts do?

Don’t be worried, the decisions you’re making here are not high-stakes mechanically. The most lasting affects are to change the text you see in the War, so pick the members that suit you.

For Cultivator vs Oneironaut, the only thing that matters is which one is higher. But your Company only sets initial values. Each campaign you do will continue to raise these, depending on the choices you make, so you can adjust your alignment over time if you want to change your worldview.

There’s also an option to dissolve your company and get a new one, should it come to that. It’s rather expensive, and shouldn’t be necessary.

Thank you, that’s really helpful!