Sprint 24 - Onward, to Albion: OCCAM’S RAZOR

[color=#cc0099]Read about our latest sprint in which we discuss: making Terror more apparent, the Isambard Line and Sunless Skies’ Legacy system![/color]

Seems exciting! Thanks for all the wonderful work you guys do!

[color=#cc0099]Just a note—Due to some pesty space bugs we’ll be pushing out our new feature update next week instead of this week. Stay tuned![/color]

I’m not quite sure I visually understand the appearance of the Isambard line segments - are the rail lines arrayed left to right? Will they be strung together in a sort of chain formation in-game?

yeah the Isembard line sounds amazing, but unclear. Like will it just be a speed boost if you fly between the “tracks”? where will the tracks lead? Will there be other ships (like the filthy imperialist stovepipes) travelling up and down?

[color=#cc0099]The art shared in this sprint is still in progress, but these long thin pieces are top-down lane guides. When players first encounter the line it’ll be in disrepair and won’t be functional unless players choose to fix it. The Isambard Line snakes around the Reach, so if players choose to fix the line, then they will have the ability to fast travel throughout the region. [/color]