Sprifer questions.

Does anyone know what a full Spirifer fork looks like?
Does anyone know what a Spirifer mark looks like?
Does anyone know how you pronounce Spirifer?

I pronounce it Spear-ih-fur

They look like this according to my weapons inventory.

Exactly that’s what the top of one looks like. Whats the bottom half look like?

I always just figured it was like a long fork.

a play on the long spoons parable.

Unless the original designer gices a complete description, I’d say it’s either Endy is right and it’s just a two-pronged fork, or maybe it’s a fork with a hollow handle, and the prongs have little holes so that the soul can flow through the handle into a container (usually, a jar)?

I believe one sidebar mentions “Winding souls out of the mouths of dying men”, which gives me the impression that the soul is wound around the tines like noodles.

A little gross, but interesting. Talk about “putting your heart and soul into cooking”! Or just the soul could suffice :)