Spread your Tale of Terror!

Stumbled across a nice little storylet involving Tales of Terror. Using this in your inventory allows you to start the following:

“There’s something familiar about this tale…
‘The Mottled Man?’ That’s a familiar phrase… [This may give you a Sense of Déjà Vu, beginning a story of chance and madness.]A matter of luck: pretty good odds.”

Not going to spoil anything, just haven’t found any information on this story yet, so thought I might share.

Gonna try it at once _

It’s the new story Chris Gardiner just mentioned. Very interesting concept, I enjoy the thrill of uncertainty and the air of secrets (and also the seeming promise of somewhat large rewards), though I might be more patient than usual, since I just finished the last piece of story available to me untill I get my long awaited chance to begin my search for a certain name.

I’m curious to know if you’ll be able to begin the story again, if you chose not to move forward or if it’s closed after that.

At each step you have the option of trading in your item, or spending increasingly expensive goods for a luck roll. Success gives you a new item to continue the storyline. The goods that you can trade for get to be quite decent (although I’ve not had the luck to get past step 4 yet - Luck is rarely with me) and because it’s entirely item driven, you can certainly repeat all the earlier stages. In fact you almost certainly have to, since you’re unlikely to be lucky for long enough to get through in one run. Whether it’ll lock once you complete it remains to be seen, but judging by how it’s designed, I suspect not.

First impression: SPOILER[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Interesting storyline, but the first actions are chance tests (Pretty Good Odds). I’m usually not very good at these :s[/color] *SPOILER

I like the fact that it actually seems to require a good bit of persistance to see this to the end. If you set “pretty good odds” at a 70% sucess rate, there’s less that 25% chance of reaching step 4 and there seems to be at least a few more steps after that (making the chance even lower), which means you’ll have really have to really want it if you’re going to see this to the end.

Please stop reminding me this. I think at the first failure I’ll break up crying T.T Also because SPOILER[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]There doesn’t seem to be a way to “save your progress”. You lose the object allowing to proceed, and it’s back to the start for you T.T [/color]*SPOILER

Hehe, sorry that might have been a bit mean, yeah it did hurt a bit to lose at step 4 or 5 (don’t know which, but it happened spoiler [color=#ffffff]at the hotel[/color] spoiler), but that also just makes you want it that much more!
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Not really. It’s getting expensive and wasteful and I’m ceasing to want the goal and more continuing through sheer stubborn bloodymindedness. I’m certainly not enjoying it.

Well, the good part is that next time I’ll have to do the storyline I’ll already have some of the required materials. But I a gree with travellersside - the way the storylet proceeds does seem a bit sadistic towards the player.

EDIT: OK, maybe in the future I’ll try it again. Maybe not. Bah.
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First attempt and I failed pretty quickly. Luckily only lost a Tale of Terror!! and a Vision of the Surface - wondering how many times I’m going to have to try this before I get anywhere half-decent - I’ve only got 24 Tales of Terror left…

I can’t find the Sense of Deja Vu in my inventory. I even got a second one because I thought I might have misread the results the first time. I know it’s cluttered, but still…

Can someone point out where it shows up?

It’s up towards the top… A big dull grey question mark, like they couldn’t think of a proper icon…

Luck-based results? Increasingly high “ante” costs? The ability to cash out at any time with substantial “winnings?” Ladies, Gentlemen, and tentacled unknowns, welcome to Fallen Vegas.

Ugh. I hate this kind of tension, especially when it’s luck-based. But I still want to see how it ends. Good thing I have plenty of actions and goods to burn.

[quote=TheDaveEBZ]Ladies, Gentlemen, and tentacled unknowns, welcome to Fallen Vegas[/quote]
Fallen Vegas indeed, at step 7 the prize for stopping is 150 echos worth of hard-to-get items…

Indeed, although getting there is going to cost a lot of actions, goods and frustration.

I’ve sunk a lot of work into this and still not managed to reach the end - my runs of luck never last long enough.
The stages that I’m aware of are (heavily reduced so as not to spoil):
Tale of Terror -> Deja Vu -> Glimpse -> Deal -> Room -> Hope -> Lens -> at least one more.
That should help you work out how well you’re doing anyway.

Fallen Vegas indeed, at step 7 the prize for stopping is 150 echos worth of hard-to-get items…[/quote]

50/50 odds, and the value doubles ;)

For the curious: Our suspicions were correct and this storylette is re-playable after completion. Or, I suspect, cashing out.

Maybe it’s supposed to be a money sink, to keep people from just blowing through the next batch of content once it’s released. Well, it seems to be working.

Aha, finished. And the reward is… er, impressive, in its way. An item worth over 300 echoes, anyway.