(Spoilers) End results of certain officers.

In my current lineage of Sunless Skies, I’ve managed to get two officers with exactly the same stats.

The Analytical Princess: +10 mirrors, +2 Affiliations: Academe
The Clay Conductor and Copper Companion: +10 mirrors, +2 Affiliations: Academe

This, unfortunately, creates a sense that both officers are interchangeable since neither have a quest any more and there’s nothing to be gained mechanically from assigning one over the other. It’s about the only permanent quest result that make me regret my decisions and not because the results were unexpected or I felt emotional paigns over who these people became, but because the stats are exactly the same. It also… Doesn’t exactly feel like this should be results anyways.

It makes sense, in the game world, for the princess because of who wears her skin and the fact that she gave mirrors before her ‘upgrade.’ However, the Clay Conductor never gave mirrors before their companion (their initial stats giving hearts and iron) and I’m not certain what in-game-sense it makes for the pair to give you mirrors. The art of investigation, deduction, and perception in all forms is not what I expect from copper and clay working together in harmony to sing and celebrate with social grace and taking pleasure in the simple act of learning how to dance. Nor does it lend itself well to academe, the institutions of scholarly pursuits and scientific practices. Singing is the realm of the boheme.

Though there is little room for each first officer to occupy its own niche in terms of raw mechanical stat gains, it still seems… Regretful that two should be exactly the same for gameplay purposes. Of course, it’s possible I just haven’t finished their quest and the next captain might have new opportunities. I’m still investigating the truth with this captain, but this is all still something I wanted to say.

I don’t disagree with any of your points. The officers, especially once upgraded, become interchangeable and it’s much harder to customize your stats here than it was in Sunless Sea. Your point about the oddness of the Conductor’s final stat boost is spot on.

That being said, both of the officers you mention have different “endings”–the Princess can be upgraded to give you the +10 bonus in a variety of stats. The Clay Conductor is actually the only (?) officer who completely resets between Captains. So on your next play through, you can have his old stats back.

…which is not to minimize your frustration. There’s a lot of it to go around in this game. Stories that seem to go nowhere, characters who just disappear or who never get a resolution. I think it’s one of the principal themes of the game–loss, betrayal, and unrewarded kindness being the big three. But it sucks, sometimes.

He definitely doesn’t. At least, not if you end his story by making him the Caring Conductor.

Huh. I got the copper companion, but that was it… did I miss a step in the process?

There’s multiple endings for him. If you get one particular ending, it sticks. The rest don’t.