[SPOILERS] An Exclusive Establishment

Welcome, welcome there! Come in, find a seat. You’ve heard of the House of Chimes, yes? I was a member until the…unfortunate affair with an Oriental gentleman and his cats. So, take your hat off, put it somewhere it won’t bite. Let’s swap tales, eh?

[I thought it’d be fun to set up a thread for some in character talk. Let’s try to keep it relatively spoiler-free, I’m sure there’s stuff all of us haven’t got round to doing yet.]

The House of Chimes, of course. A true person of importance (never mind the gender) does have to be seen here once in a while. And where else can you enjoy losing large amounts of Deep Amber during an evening of Heart’s Hazard in the most unusual company? Though I have to say that the food isn’t up to what one might expect. Those mildewy rolls… well, never mind. A visit at the Parthenaeum more than provides prandial satisfaction. Ah, the life of an individual of indistinct and mysterious gender of importance in Fallen London…

The Parthenaeum and the Young Stags have courted me, but one is far too dreary and the other a mite too rambunctious. I’ve recently come back from a long time at Zee, exploring some of the outer islands. Fascinating stuff, and plenty of old relics for the plundering.

(OOC: There can be more than one hang-out thread. I appreciate the loyalty, but I don’t want to discourage other people from having their own things.)

(Notice the time of the last activity on this thread before my post. This isn’t loyalty - this is just me playing with corpses. As per usual.)
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